Linde kicks off 2013 with the launch of an evolutionary new truck range

22 February 2013
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Linde Material Handling announces its new year's resolution to the market for 2013 with the launch of a new generation of counterbalance engine trucks which deliver a celebratory 20 benefits from 13 new features.

The new Linde EVO Counterbalance (2-5 tonne) range not only offers the highest level of quality, for which Linde is renowned, but also provides an enhanced level of additional specification as standard.

The new EVO range delivers a variety of new and innovative features for Linde customers. The trucks provide further excellent fuel efficiency, thanks to an all new common rail diesel engine with variable displacement pump. This new engine now delivers its maximum output at a lower rpm. Initial customer tests of the 5.0 tonne truck revealed that this was up to 28% more fuel efficient than the previous model and continuing to outperform the competition.

Linde’s long standing commitment to increasing levels of operator safety and comfort is also evident, with a new range of ergonomically designed seats, and armrest. The new seat delivers increased width, greater weight capacity and adjustable suspension to minimise the effect on the operator and offer greater levels of comfort. Also as standard is the inclusion of electronic curve assist safety technology which is significantly more advanced than other mechanical systems offered in the market. This unique Linde safety feature works by actively reducing traction speed depending on steering angle, further increasing levels of operator safety.

The new Linde counterbalance EVO range has been designed to exceed the new EC stage IIIB emissions legislation, which came into force this month (January 2013). The addition of a new diesel particulate filter for those engines above 37kW , mean that the Linde counterbalance EVO trucks not only meet the new regulations, but surpass them by a massive 83% on particulate emissions alone– making the Linde EVO one of the cleanest range of trucks in the market.

Linde will also be offering a 36KW model which is unaffected by the new legislation, for those lighter applications not requiring higher levels of engine power. As always Linde will advise customers, on the most suitable truck for their application.

Allison Tucker, Product Manager of the EVO Counterbalance range, said: “We’re really excited to release this new generation of counterbalance trucks to the market. Our design and engineering team have been working really hard on these new developments, listening to the views of our customers and we are very proud of the final product. As well as the truck being cleaner and more fuel efficient, we have also introduced an impressive number of additional features as standard, providing customers with a higher specification of truck with increased efficiency, enhanced safety and improved operator well-being.

“We understand that a forklift truck is a great financial commitment to our customers which is why we ensure that every Linde truck is manufactured to the highest standard. The new counterbalance EVO range particularly focuses not only on offering long term quality and durability, but also great value at the same time.”


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